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I have an Ubuntu 4.13.0-32-generic PC configured with Resilio Sync 2.5.12(1191) that has a 1.6TB folder share.

The share was copied to an external 2TB USB 3.0 hard disc which was then connected to a Raspberry Pi 2.

The Pi is running Raspbian 4.9.59-v7+ with Resilio Sync 2.5.12(1191) armhf. 

A NetGear R6300 connects the two devices via CAT6 cabling.


Though the PC's time is correct, even prior to  Resilio Sync's installation, Sync is reflecting the last sync on Jan 1 1970 ...




Though "Lan_Encrypt_Data" has been set to FALSE on both machines, the Pi has never reflected Receiving and synchronization more than 0% for about a day and a half.




In addition, the Ubuntu machine's history reflects no activity for the last 14 hours, though the PI's history continuously states "Ubuntu-PC added file... " with numerous "Failed to download ... - initial recheck" info messages.


Is this normal initial behavior ?

 - Last synced date & time on PC share being Jan 1, 1970 10:00AM

- Sync indication on the PI at 0% regardless of the time and number of files already synced.

Would it be advisable not to write or modify files on the PI before the initial sync has completed ? 

Is there anything additional/alternate that could be done to speed things up ?

.. or is there serious issues with my approach at initial syncing ?





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From my doodle notes, I currently understand that only 16 910 of 302 782 files has been synced between the two devices over 3 days. although no files were actually transitioned over the network.

Using a PI as an endpoint seems like a truly bad idee ...

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Only 1 of the 4 cores on the PI is in the 70 - 100% range for about 2 seconds, before repeating on the next core, with the remaining 3 cores then at around 0.7%.

The drives holding the data share is each mounted during boot via /etc/fstab :

 - PARTUUID="ID of drive"   /SYNC   ext4    defaults        0       2

The shared folders were then also set as follow:

 $ sudo chown -R rslync:rslsync /SYNC

 $ sudo chmod -R 775 /SYNC

** This was reapplied on the PI once the external drive was reconnected after the manual transfer was completed via the PC **

The /var/lib/resilio-sync folder on the PI currently holds 1.9G of data, versus 1.1G on the Ubuntu machine.

In the/var/lib/resilio-sync/sync.log I am seeing quite a few " ... error: "initial recheck" (1)" messages and believe this is due to the indexing being too slow ... ?

In the interim, I have disabled

 - Use relay server when required
 - Use tracker server
 - Search LAN

and enabled

 - Use predefined hosts -> with the peer's IP:port configured

I believe this might have resulted in a minor improvement, though only about 255GB of data has synced in the last 24 hrs, being only indexing completing on the PI.

Is this the expected performance using a PI, or is there reason for concern ?

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It has finally synced between the PC & Pi and reflects no errors or warnings.

I then validated the data on the PC with an original copy via "diff -R'. All checked out.


The only thing peculiar I have noticed so far, is a directory that has been mangled from "C***Connect" to "C894EM~I" ...


Just to recap, the data copy from drive to drive over USB3 took an entire evening.

The syncing thereafter, basically only indexing on the PI (as the data was already on the Pi), took more than a week over a Gigabit LAN.

The 'diff -R' check, between two drives on the PC, took about 5 hours.


Can anyone please elaborate on their experience with such an initial amount of data to sync ? (Especially as we have interest in syncing multiple 8TB shares)

Are these time frames the norm ?

Is there anything one can do to speed up the inital sync with a new device when such an amount of data is involved ? For example, can the original data be copied with specific Resilio Sync "database files" (or edited version) to the target which would speed up the initial sync to a few hours than weeks?

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