Lightroom Catalogue Corruption


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I've been trialling Resilio Sync and haven't had much luck.  I have two NAS servers in different locations that I want to keep in sync with a desktop PC and travel laptop. The main things I want to keep in sync are a 2.5TB photo collection and a Lightroom Catalogue. The Lightroom catalogue will only be used in on one machine at a time.

I had various teething problems, but the main one is the Lightroom catalogue repeatedly gets corrupted, as reported by Lightroom. I been careful to make edits only on one machine, close down Lightroom and wait for the sync before using it on the other machine. Even backup catalogues that are generated automatically by Lightroom have been corrupted when sync'ed. I've previously been using another sync application and haven't had any issues with Lightroom before.

Is Resilio suitable for this? Am I doing something wrong?

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Hi, thanks for the reply. What is the locking files issue?

The file appeared to be the correct (latest) version by the date and time, but the content of the file was corrupted. i.e. Lightroom reports "this catalogue is corrupt and can't be opened'  This has happened severally times. I could imagine part of the file is synced incorrectly while Lightroom is open and writing to the file, but surely once Lightroom is closed and the final file is synced the files on each computer should be identical?

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I am using BTSync/Resilio Sync since years to keep my LR DB, images and Smart Previews in sync. In all the years I never had any problem nor a DB corruption. Opening LR locks the DB, which stops syncing the DB to other peers until I close LR and the lock got removed from the file and recognized by Resilio Sync.

I must assume that the problem, in your case, could be something else.

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I don't get catalogue corruption but LR does complain about previews cache problems during imports.

"Lightroom encountered an error when reading from its preview cache and needs to quit. Lightroom will attempt to fix this problem the next time it launches."

Don't get this problem if LR is importing and processing 1 file at a time, but if multiple imports done in parallel is done then it will. Could it be having issues with available bandwidth since my LR db and data storage is all on the LAN NAS.

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