Grayed out files / phantom files "downloading"

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I have resilio syncing files between my W10 comp and iOS devices with selective sync disabled (so i have everything offline synced). I now have a ton of "grayed out" files, many of them historical temp files (starting with "~"), showing on my ios devices as "downloading". They do not exist on the W10 directory, i checked even hidden files. How to clean this up / prevent this from happening in the future?

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@rimanek In short, for example, when you open a doc, xls, or another office file, the software creates its temp copy into which it writes the changes. When editing is done and file is closed, the tmp copy is deleted and file is updated. Sync syncs all the files in the folder, and when a tmp file is created it gets synced too.
I can assume that you see it reappearing cause the file might be still opened on another peer, and its tmp copy is still being used, so cannot be deleted. So please make sure that files are not in use in the remote peer.

Also please try to restart Sync and check if the issue still persists. If yes, better contact support team for the further issue investigation. Do not forget to mention that it relates to the forum topic. Thank you.



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