Device Maintenance: Overloading the System (Android)

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For the past few days, my Galaxy S8 has been throwing a system error message from Device Maintenance, stating "Some apps or processes are overloading the system (CPU) and need to be closed."  The culprit is always Sync.

Has anything changed recently to cause this?  I've been running Sync on Androids for as long as it's been available, and I never had a problem like this.

Thanks in advance for any insight.



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@tamathumper Perhaps Sync databse is too big but without 'root' on your device you will be not able to remove .db files from the storage folder of the app. I advice you contact support team and clarify the issue. Please include more details such as amunt of files/ folders and what is the memeory value Sync eats on yoiur device. As a workaround you can remove folders and add it back and check what will happpen.

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Thanks for your response.

This is a relatively small sync folder, with 262 files in 31 folders, for a total of 288 MB.  I'm not sure how to check the memory the specific app is using.

I cleared the cache yesterday, and it hasn't happened yet today.  If it happens again, I'm going to uninstall / reinstall.

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I had similar problem med different versions of sync on my network. I upgraded one of my Raspberry Pi:s to the latest sync version for testing. My laptop with an older version of sync freezed the computer (Linux). Sync process and memory usage went to 100%. The other Raspberry Pi:s with the same old sync version as the laptop didn't have the same issues. Strange.

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