Explorer right context menu click REALLY slow on a file on network storage


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Hi there,

So when I right click on a file in windows explorer that is on another box over a unc path eg \\server\share\folder1, explorer freezes and takes up to 30 seconds to return the context menu.

It's fine on folders on the local machine.

This happens on files hosted either by other windows boxes and by my NAS hosted by debian stretch.

Once the menu has been returned after the slow wait, it's good for more right clicks on that file for a minute or so, so something is being cached somewhere, but leaving the folder and returning, or right clicking a different file, or just waiting a while means the delay will be back.

Using ShellExView I narrowed the culprit to Resilio Sync 2.5.12 context menu handler (64 bit)

with the CLSID  {581FFA00-FC33-000C-0502-95003A5CDE89}

pointing to the file: C:\Users\{UserName}\AppData\Roaming\Resilio Sync\ShellExtensionPath64_4A7.dll    

Disabling this in the context menu resolved the slow right click problem. So... is there a fix other than removing the context menu option?

I have to say removing it is not a biggie as all my sync management is done through the wui so that is my work around for the time being.





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