[Solved] Confused about my license

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Pretty simple question realy. How do I find out which license I'm currently using?
What I can find is that the following are possible:

Sync Home
Sync Home Pro
Sync Home Family Pro
Sync Business

When I check my own license however it simply says 'Personal'.
My guess would be this is the simplest license but then when I check https://help.resilio.com/hc/en-us/articles/115000508484-Sync-Home-Sync-Business-Free-vs-Pro- Sync Home shouldn't support Selective Sync which I can apparently enable.

So what is my current license? Sync Home Pro?  

Never mind. that link also says the following: "The current edition being used can be seen on Sync app header. ".
So apparently I have Sync Home Pro. Weird to not mention that with the actual license tab though.

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