[Solved]After upgrading to Sync Home, I can't manually choose the share path


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I just bought a license for Sync Home and now, whenever I select a folder to share, it's automatically linked to my other Macs and all the folders go into the Resilio Sync folder. But that's not the workflow I want. I want to be able to sync folders to the same folder path location on the other devices. So, for example, if I sync a folder called "Receipts" which is located in ~/Documents, I want it to appear in the ~/Documents folder on the other machines. That's how it worked with Sync Free because it allowed me to select the location manually each time I added the code for a share. Now, with Sync Home, the only option appears to be automatic syncing to whatever folder is set as default.

This is frustrating and bad UI design. The default behavior of an app should not change automatically and drastically just because a user has bought a license for it.

Is there a way to revert the behavior of adding a share to so it asks me for the share location, or at least give me the option to choose between automatic syncing to the default folder or manually selection of the share path?

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