Selective Sync not so friendly as other Cloud Sync client

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I purchased Home Pro to get selective sync feature, which is widely available from other Cloud client, like Dropbox, OneDrive, and Google Drive

However, I'm very disappointed at the feature. This placeholder concept is beyond me. 

Any plan to make this selective sync work as other common cloud client?

The disadvantage of Resilio approach

1 - not so effective, it creates 100K+ placeholders even before I have opportunity to disable sync for a directory at root level. 

2- what if I need to add a locally removed directory back at a later time?

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@xkey I can suppose that devices linked under common identity and synchronization mode in 'My devices' option is 'synced' just change it to 'selective sync' mode. Please do check it. But if you add a folder using link/key and manually set a necessary path you are able to set selective sync mode option prior to the folders connecting.


2- what if I need to add a locally removed directory back at a later time?

What is a problem could occur? You can add folder back and it will be actual files that will be synced to the remote peers. But if you have another concern just do let me know.

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@Gane, here are the detailed steps, maybe there is another feature that I was not aware of.

  1. On server, the folder was added with "selective sync" set to "on"
  2. On client, folder was added via Enter Key, and "Selective Sync" option was set to "on" before click "next"
  3. Once "next" is clicked, dest folder was selected on client side, all dir/file nodes were created as a placeholder. This could be 100K+ items created, while I may just need 10 files. I don't see any options for me to choose which files to sync before all placeholders are created. 
    1. Problems - takes a while to create those placeholders
    2. Unnecessary expose entire file structure on client

For issue 2) - When I deleted directory.rsls on client, it indeed adds back immediately. But it's not that clean, and keeps all unwanted placeholders.


In my mind, selective sync on other cloud clients works pretty well. Any reason why resilio chose a different, not so intuitive approach?



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I have to agree with xkey, I also don't like the way selective sync does work and thus I don't use it, even though I would loved to have it.

Your implementation is nice and maybe some people have a use for it, I however find it very cumbersome and don't have any use for it. It makes deleting files awkward and its use in my opinion difficult.

I also would prefer a much simpler "select the subfolder you want synced on your client individually and all files and subfolders of this subfolder get fully synced immediately" solution. Of course, I can simulate this solution by manually adding the subfolders to Resilio Sync instead of the root folder, but then the overview in Sync gets lost.

And then, maybe, add your solution on top of this, so one can, for the excluded subfolders, still use this placeholder feature.

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  • 2 years later...

Are any improvements foreseen on this topic? I was very impressed with the tool but the way it handles placeholders seems weird and unnecessarily complex.

  • Different extensions, different icons leading to unrecognizable files.
  • Remove from this device and remove from all devices options very close which is risky
  • Uncertainty for users about what happens when you delete a file with del button or moving to recycle bin. 

Most syncing tools just handle this with displaying the file with an offline icon and downloading and launching when double clicking. The file will automatically be offloaded when unused or too much storage is taken with the possibility of forcing it to stay. Deleting the file, whether it is a placeholder or not deletes the file from everywhere which seems to make a lot more sense for a tool thank synchronizes files.

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