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Sync question after starting sync again

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Hi guys,

I have been syncing files from a network share to an offsite location which has been working great. However, the server running the sync has died so I had to rebuild it.

The files still exist in the original network location and of course the offsite synced location.

The network location contains the most recent versions, so if I reinstate the sync I assume the files will not be pulled down and overwrite the files on the network share?

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This should work.  I often have had to move a sync folder on machines (say internal to external drive).  Once pointing to new location all settles out without new transfers.  But the two ends of the sync do sped a lot of effort making sure they are identical, apparently doing and comparing hashes.  But with a 50 GB sync site, the checking finished and sync established within maybe 10 minutes of reassigning a sync location.

Something I have gotten burned on.  When reconnecting, and entering the sync location, I recall having to enter the parent folder of the location where the exact folder being synced becomes implied by the sync name.  I found on occasion it was easy to get messed up so the sync starts with and extra folder in the path and so tried to transfer everything to wrong location.  Monitor history and make sure no files start getting transferred, also look at sync folder to make sure nothing is getting created, for a few minutes just to be sure.

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