When I download a file in Selective Sync on my Phone, it becomes a 0B file

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Hi, I tested this a couple of times, using the latest Sync Pro on desktop and Sync on a Xiaomi M1 A1 (Android 8.0.0) phone.

When I click a file to download using selective sync on my phone SD Card, it becomes a 0B file.

Just did a few extra tests and apparently when I copy a file into the SD Card (full) sync it becomes a 0B file too, as does Sync from my desktop. That's interesting because it previously synced my Albums fine onto my SD card though it destroyed my music folder later on.

On my phone's internal memory, it syncs my screenshots and camera photos fine to my desktop.


** EDIT ** I did a few more rounds of Googling and this might be a Xiaomi / Android 8 bug in general, not a Sync bug.


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