Conceptually speaking how does resilio work when sharing with multiple clients new large files?

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If I've got 4gb of 1000 files, and a host computer with limited upload, does the 'host' computer 'upload all the files with no redundancy' to whatever computer can take it, to leave the remaning computers (should the host computer go offline) to share the files (so total uploads = 4gb of 4gb files, no redundancy), or does it upload one file, make sure that everyone gets it, then uploads the next file (so total uploads 8gb = 4gb original files + 4gb of redundancy before folder is 100% seeded)

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@fefrie Files are synchronizing step-by-step and piece by piece.  The more peers you have the fastest files would be synced. But as for now there a limit to the number of torrents that can be in work at a moment. It means 100 simultaneous torrents for Sync transfer.

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