2 Sites & 4 Peers - Fastest Approach (Read Only or Read Write)?

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I want MORE speed. I have 2 active file servers in 2 different sites that currently does syncing (RW) between. I've had a # of problems with Resilio (2.5.10 [upgraded to 2.5.12 and same issue]) where it'll lose the "sync status" and run a full verify/rehash which takes about 2 weeks which is INSANE. The "big" sync folder is 1.03TB, 584k files, 202k folders. I'm looking to add a 2nd peer in both sites, so if this happens again, it'll run a resync from the same site over 1Gb connections than 100Mb VPN which sadly peaks at about 2Mb since I have "too man small files" per support.

Should the 2nd peer in each site be Read Only, or is Read/Write a better approach? I'm considering this:


Site 1 = RW Peer & Read Only Peer

Site 2 = RW Peer & Read Only Peer


Site 1 = RW Peer & RW Peer

Site 2 = RW Peer & RW Peer

That way if something happens to the RW Peer in either site, it can quickly re-sync via the R Peer. Any comments? Thanks,.

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I'm not concerned about the changes on the 2nd nodes. Remember, SPEED is my concern. Someone in support told me that "Standard" folders are faster than "Advanced" . I'm currently running Advanced. So... their exact words " Also I would advice you to use Standard folders instead of Advanced as they much faster."

Is that true?

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