[Solved] Constant network traffic

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I'm running 2.5.12 on Win10 64bit. I noticed that Sync was spiking network traffic (and CPU) every 10sec.

I found the following forum thread from 5 years ago but there doesn't seem to be any resolution beyond, "Yup, Sync's gonna do that".

Is there really no way to reduce this? I've tried turning off tracker and relay in the power user preferences but still seeing this loading.



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@dbng Contact support team and include logs from your node and write down the time of the issue reproduction. Also inlcude info about your network settings and remote peers. Do not forget to mention that it relates to the forum topic.

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Followup for anyone finding this topic while searching/debugging similar behavior:

My issue was due to Lightroom locking access to its catalog file. Sync recognized changes to the file but was denied read access. Access was re-attempted every 10s (https://help.resilio.com/hc/en-us/articles/207491426-Setting-Delay-Time-For-Syncing-Windows-Only-)

Once I closed Lightroom, it released the catalog file and Sync was able to access.



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