Synology DS216 Disk Utilisation

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Hi guys,

Using Sync on DS216 and get this issue with high I/O / Disc Utilisation even when no clients being connected.

Basically the disks won't shut up until I quit Sync. Am I doing something wrong? Is there possible configuration solution? Why would it use disks so intensively if there were no clients or file changes for hours and hours? Is it some sort of re-indexation going? Basically if anyone knows the reason and/or solutions, would very much appreciate any help. Thanks!


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Was this ever resolved?

Running Resilio Sync is preventing my DS218 from hibernating the disks. I've even set large values for folder_rescan_interval, config_refresh_interval, config_save_interval and disabled logging (according to, but nothing helps. I've tried pausing the sync of every folder, but that didn't help. Even disabling sync globally by clicking on "Pause Syncing" in Advanced didn't help.

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@dlee Did you also try disabling Debug logging ? If not, please do, in Sync settings -> Advanced, uncheck logging option and as additional step put 0 into first and second line in debug.txt file. File debug txt is located in the storage folder of the app. Additionally, in power user settings, you can disable journaling.  See if these help. 

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