Sync on Android slowed down after 96%

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Today I installed Sync on my Android 5.0 smartphone. I set it up to sync my music folder with a folder on the NAS holding the same data. It started off well, but after about half an hour, having synchronized 96%, it slowed down extremely to around 100 kB/s (the figure jumps up and down from a few kB/s to a little over 100 kB/s). Effectively, during that initial half hour it worked at about 5 to 6 MB/s, but then the transfer rate suddenly dropped dramatically.

This is within my home WiFi, which is 802.11ac. I disabled syncing via mobile networks.

The folder holds 10.6 GB in 1896 files, of which 10.2 GB / 1814 files are now synced. This is now going on since a few hours, but the number of synchronized files does not increase at all.

Strangely, when I look at the folder on the smartphone, it says 99%, although when I click on the (i) in the line, it shows that only 10.2 of 10.6 GB are sync'd, which is only 96%.

Who can help me?


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