Best way to setup sync from 2 Computers to NAS?

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Hi there,

I have recently purchased a Synology DS918+ NAS, and have installed Resilio onto it.

I have been using Resilio for several years to mirror document folders between my work macbook, and home iMac. This has been working effortlessly in the background, so I have had nothing to do other than agree to the occasional update.

Now that I have the NAS, I want to mirror both computers to it, and am wondering what is the best way. Do I delete my original shared seteps and create a new one from the NAS? Or is there a better way?

The way I have my syncs set up is as follows:

Computer A \Documents syncs to/from Computer B \Documents
Computer A \Photos syncs to/from Computer B \Photos
Computer A \Music syncs to/from Computer B \Music

I do not use the ResilioSync folder setup, preferring to keep to the original mac setup.

When I start to sync to/from the NAS will it be possible to do the following:

Computer A \Documents and Computer B \Documents sync to/from NAS volume 1 \Documents
Computer A \Photos and Computer B \Photos sync to/from NAS volume 1 \Photos
Computer A \Music and Computer B \Music sync to/from NAS volume 1 \Music

If so, what is the best way to do this?

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Ok, it has taken me a while to get this working, so I thought I would share how I got the outcome I wanted. Guess this shows how good Resilio is, as I have had the pro version since it came out and have hardly ever had to do anything with it, so each time i do, it takes relearning all over again.

Step 1.
Unlink all devices, then re-link them all from the NAS Resilio Sync with all set to Disconnect. I had to reinstall the licence key here too as when I unlinked from my MacBook, I lost the license.

Step 2.
Disconnect and delete all previous synced folders.

Step 3.
I then copied all folders from my MacBook to the NAS, using the same folder structure. This is also the same folder structure as I have on my iMac.

Step 4.
From the DSM NAS Resilio package launched from the Macbook, I created a new Standard Folder pointing to Documents on the NAS. I then copied the Read/Write Key.

Step 5.
On the MacBook I opened the MackBook Resilio window, and clicked on the +, and then on Enter a Key or Link. I pasted in the Key I had copied from the NAS Resilio Package, and the clicked Connect on the MacBook Resilio and chose my Documents folder. Agreed to the warning that the folder was not empty, and that was it for the MacBook.

Step 6.
On the iMac I opened the NAS DSM, launched the Resilio Package and copied the Read & Write key. I then opened Resilio on the iMac and clicked on the +, and then on Enter a Key or Link, as in Step 5.

I can now share selective folders to my iMac or MackBook, and have the NAS as the master repository for all files.

Not sure if this is clear enough, or whether its confusing, but hope it helps anyone who has the same issues I had.

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