Initial Sync: 12 hrs for 250 GB data, perpetual (!) indexing,

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I just installed Sync (and already am regretting it) on NAS and MAC. I installed because of alleged faster syncing..

I mapped 2 folders from Mac to 2 empty folders on NAS. Initially, sync was fast, but at 250GB it came to almost a stand still, and reindexing keeps switching between random indexing progress and green check mark. After 12 hours (overnight), files are still not transfered to NAS. I have ETHERNET connection Mac-router-NAS. Synology own products performed initial sync of SAME files within 1 hour - WIRELESSLY over router.. 

Archive folder was synced first last night. It took 10 minutes to transfer and index 250 GB of data. This morning, indexing is at 73%. no files were changed.

The second folder has about 250 GB of data, 7GB was transferred in 12 hrs. indexing shows 15%....JUST SECONDS after i took the screen shot, indexing shows 14%...Indexing showing REVERSE progress? thats nonsense

Why does resilio take 12 hrs and it's barely half way through?

If Resilio is supposed to be faster file transfer, why is transfer over ethernet cable 24 times slower than identical transfer over wi-fi using Synology own syncing software?

I paused and restarted syncing, and it didn't work.


Just to be clear: The indexing issues are on MAC (NOT on NAS), and has ample RAM and processing power. 

Screen Shot 2018-06-08 at 12.02.04 PM.png

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