How to clear folder cache in order to fresh-resync


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Hi there,

How can I clear "cache" of a folder that formerly was shared?

The reason I ask if because If I were to delete an existing folder that used to be synced and then re-add it, the size of the folder is picked up quite fast (several TB) which leads me to believe that there is metadata cache of the folder.

Also, the reason I am trying to do this is because this folder erroneously does not sync all of its content and I just want to start fresh.

Resilio 2.5.12(1911)


Any ideas?

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A shared folder has /.sync folder that contains as Archive and some system files. Of course each share has .db files but we do not advice to remove them maybe better for you to check if there any files in the .sync/Archive folder? Also some option could be adjusted->

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