Loading List of Files Never Finishes

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Hi, I have a standard folder. It runs on Resilio sync 2.5.9 (1088) on a QNAP NAS. The NAS is usually never shutdown.

It worked fine until recently, now "Loading List of Files" NEVER finishes.

I tried to reboot NAS, and even disconnect and add the folder again. Nothing I tried solved the problem.

Another Standard folder of similar size works just fine.

Could you kindly help? Thanks.

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Are there peers connected to the faulty share? This message may mean that the folder tree cannot merge with that on other peers, or that some files cannot be read by QNAP. You might want to send the debug logs to support or just remove the share from Sync and add it back and re-share. Check files permissions to make sure that they can be read by Sync (admin user by default).  

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