Tuning Sync Instances / Slow Performance / High Resource Utilization

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I have two NAS and a dedicated Server, each running an instance. Both NAS have a address, the server has a fixed IP.

The initial upload of roughly 50 GB from the NAS to the server took a while, but was still okay. I attached the second NAS and wanted to download a read only instance to that device, but the process (although downloading from the server should be fast) takes ages (300.000 files to go, roughly one file per minute - don't do the math ...).

I wondered, whether I could tune the process somehow, so that the initial amount of files would be downloaded faster. 

Both NAS seem to be resource-wise at the edge: when I start Sync on either of those, the CPU rushes up to 90 % and the memory also seems to be at 80 % and up all the time. I always thought that Resilio Sync is clever enough to not grab too much resources, so that the Web GUI keeps responding and that it tries to allocate least resources while it is downloading at the highest available speed. I know that NAS devices are not performance monsters, but this still seems to much resource utilization in my eyes.

Unfortunately I do not know, how to analyze the behaviour of the instances, whether they run into some problem, which should be fixed. I even do not know whether it is helpful to restart the instances now and then in order to have a little boost in download speed.

What irritates me from time to time (this is rather off-topic, but I though I mention it) is, that I have to enter the default download location from time to time ... which could mean, that the instance is too slow to read its configuration files properly maybe?

I would be very glad to know, how I could analyze the two instances, do some health checks and to tweak them, so that they do not have a problem with, say, 500k files / 100 GB. Any idea is welcome!

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Does nobody have an idea how to tune the settings or to speed up things? Or am I really the only person that struggles with a 50 gig sync?!

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see the disk load with 'top' command if you're ok with ssh to your NAS. Perhaps, disks are too busy and write downloaded files slowly. 

Also, in user manual there are a few guides on how to troubleshoot speed.

But generally, some info is missing - what's the bandwidth, was the folder pre-seeded or now, how much RAM your NASes have in general (may be they're swapped?), what's the CPU. Better contact support with debug logs to have your particular case analyzed. 

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