Sync not allowing windows to shutdown

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I'm running Sync on Windows 7 64-bit.

About two weeks ago (after an windows update, I suspect is part of the issue) I noticed that Windows would take a long time shutting down, showing the "waiting for close" dialog and then finally shutting down. While there were no programs listed in the dialog, investigation revealed that uninstalling Sync would allow a normal shutdown.

Since this was the last "beta" version of sync, I decided to update to the latest version. While this installed properly and seemed to sync ok, I noticed it had a similar issue - only now, Windows would list the program and say something along the line of "Resilio Sync is saving data." and would simply sit there. Forever. Enabling Auto-end in the registry didn't seem to help.

I did notice that, while I could "exit" the program from the system tray, a process remained running in task manager. I found I could not close or end this task and the only way to properly close it was to force shutdown with the power button. I uninstalled this new version and everything is back to normal.


I've been using Sync since the beta days when you had to manually install and configure it on a Synology unit, and I hate to give up on it. Is there a fix for this issue, or is it just me?

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