Backups for Clients?

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   Well this seems like the place to ask this. Here soon I will be starting my own IT Building and Repair shop. And one of the things I am looking to do and is heavy needed in my area is offsite backups for both customers and especially businesses. Businesses requiring their data to be kept safe, but not on a big brother cloud like say Google or Dropbox. Legal offices, decent sized cooperations and the like. 

So being the SysAdmin that I am I wanted to integrate this into my own business and offer it to my area. Some things I wanted to check and I'm sure the Resilio community will know best.

- Can I setup separate encrypted folders that only the specific user can access? Obviously don't need John Smith and his family photos ending up in say a legal firms back up.

- How many seeds for this software will I need? Technically I will be doing all of the setup and everything will be being backed up to my main server. So wasn't sure if I'd need multiple seeds or not.

- How complicated are things on the user end? I would like to just have things configured so the users have a single folder they drop anything they need backed up into. Similar to dropbox. Also is there a way to limit the size each folder can be? Obviously there would be a price difference between someone who just wants to store a few family photos, and an entire business and all of it's history being backed up.


   I think that is most of my main concerns. Everything (at least in plan) is going to be setup and run from a central Windows server with nothing else on it but the Server OS itself and the backups, and it will be on it's own business connection as well. So I think I've covered most of my bases here, but could be wrong.

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Something(s) major to consider.  You will be storing clients data on your own system that is not encrypted! (DSC_0001.jpg on the clients PC  is how it will appear on your system - unless you choose the encrypted folder settings but as I do not use that I cannot 100% say that it will work for you).  What happens if you get hacked or someone breaks in an steel your kit and of course you will be able to access/read/see use this data?

Plus, if you want to be like a backup service I would highly consider a system that answers the above but also compresses the data at the client end before it reaches you.  1Gb file is transferred as 1Gb over the internet with Resilio.

Lastly, resilience.  What will you do if the above happens or you disks/system(s) fails, internet connection fails?.  Will your clients be happy waiting an unknown amount of time for you to get back to normal?

It admirable what you want to do but being very honest I would not take up your service.  I really do not think Resilio is what you need. 



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Resilio Sync is a sync and not a backup. So you have to decide what you want to offer. A backup solution or a sync solution like DropBox.

A backup is something which allows incremental backups, allows you to restore deleted files, allows you to handle ransomware. Resilio Sync only has the archive folder, that's it. It's not a reliable backup.

For backup your customers have to install a backup software like Duplicati and select your server as destination. That's the most simple case, probably.

For sync you have to buy Resilio Business at least (no home use any longer), maybe you'll even need Resilio Connect (depending on how many users you have). You could use encrypted folders on your side, so you don't see the files. However, then you still have to do a lot of work to make it safe and trustworthy. In the end it will get quite expensive. You have to pay the Resilio Sync license per user, you have to pay for your hardware and you have to pay yourself.

In both cases, you'll have to also add a further backup, too. But this requires a second location, somewhere else, so a fire or something else doesn't affect the backup location.

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