Is it normal that .sync gets filled with *.!sync files?

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I have a standard folder (key starts with D...) and I have added on another computer an encrypted folder (key starts with F...).

The encrypted folder has been stuck at 0% Remaining: A few seconds for hours now, but the /.sync/ folder is being filled with many .!sync files.

Is that normal?

Usually I have in my /.sync/ folder the following items:


but not files /.sync/*.!sync files. It's also unusual that Resilio Sync is stuck like that. It doesn't download or upload anything.

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It's normal that .!sync appear in .sync - these are files which are being synced right now. But it's not normal that they stuck - it means that files cannot be synced for a reason. You might want to contact support with more info about the encrypted device and debug logs from it. 
If it's an RPi or alike, you might have encountered this problem:

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