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I installed the latest version of Resilio ( and the listening port changed and I can't change it back.  Everytime I change the port in the advanced settings it wont save.  If I refresh the browser it changes back to what it was.  I tried setting the port in the config file and that also wont work - is there another way to change the listening port?

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Sorry for the late reply - I ended up downgrading to 2.5.13 and that fixed the issue.

I just tried reinstalling again and still can't change the listening port - I used the sync.conf you sent with no luck.  The config I have been using that worked with the previous version was this:

  "webui" : {
    "listen" : "",
    "login" : "admin",
    "password" : "1234"
  "listening_port" : 61778,
  "folder_defaults.use_relay" : false,
  "folder_defaults.use_tracker" : false,
  "lan_encrypt_data" : false,
  "enable_file_system_notifications" : true,
  "send_statistics" : false,
  "disk_low_priority" : false

The weird thing is I can change it to certain ports.  If I try changing it to 61778 (which is what I was using) it will automatically change it to 63219.  If I stay above 63219 it seems to be ok - as soon as a I go below like 63218 it will change it back to 63219.

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