Option to disable "File locked by another application" messages? (Windows)

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When I'm copying a large amount of files via the Windows Explorer into a Sync folder, every new file that hits the folder will trigger a "File is locked by another application" Windows notification because the file is still being copied... is there an option to suppress those messages? As in... just those messages so other important messages from Sync will still show notifications? They get quite obnoxious when it flies out for every file and I'm copying sometimes hundreds.


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this has been a huge annoyance for me. moving, copying, or deleting folders within directories managed by Sync results in dozens of these "File is locked by another application" Windows notifications.

Can changing the "folder_rescan_interval" setting (default at "integer" | "600") under "Power user preferences" help with this? The solution offered above is not practical given the number of different file extensions that would need to be covered for my use.

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