Confused with Sync Setups... How to re-establish backup folders?

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Hi guys

So I had my Android phone all setup to backup to my PC the important folders, including the DCIM camera folders.

The way I set it up was, my PC had a folder dedicated to each folder in my android device that i wanted to backup, and I shared each folder from Android using Sync app and entered the KEY on the PC side.

All worked well.

But recently got a new Android phone, and I wanted to simply re-establish this Android to PC relationship.

Since I already have my PC folders setup, I wanted to simply link them with the new Android Device's folders. Then that's where i hit a stumbling block.

It seems that the way Sync is setup is that the DEVICE that will generate the code will be the SOURCE and the device that will COPY the code is the DESTINATION.

If I try to scan QR code on my Sync App, the code is READ-ONLY (i assume it means the Android device will only have read-only capabilities and can't write to the PC folders . This made the PC folders the source and the Android folders the DESTINATION..

What am I missing here? or is this the expected behaviour of Sync?

The only way I could seem to get around this is if on my PC side, i delete/unlink all folders and just redo them.

That means I have to first share the folder on the Android device App, and enter or send the code to PC somehow (so much hassle compared to just QR scanning the code on the PC side of this setup.


So is this really how sync works? The device GENERATING the code will be the SOURCE and the device COPYING the code will be the DESTINATION, and there is no way around this?


can anyone confirm?

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your support ticket was also replied. Copy-pasting reply here 


hat's partly correct -  DEVICE that will generate the code will be the SOURCE and the device that will COPY the code is the DESTINATION. 
Let's see it on a few examples:
1) you add folder to Sync on PC, open its QR code and scan the code by the phone. Phone gets the access encoded in QR (read-write, read-only or owner)
2) you add folder to Sync on phone, get the key or link and send it to PC, enter that key/link to Sync on PC and PC gets the access encoded (same as above)
3) you add backup folder to Sync on phone and send key\link to PC. PC gets read-only access (that's how backup works). Perhaps, backup is what you're seeking for.

I said "partly correct" because if a device has Read-only (RO) access to a share it still can generate a link/key/QR code and share it further, but those will only bear Read-only access. I mean even though this device generated the cone, it cannot be the source as it has RO access itself. In Advanced folders only Owner can share the folder further with others. 

Hope this clarifies things for you and will help you to set up your shares. 


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