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I have been using Resilio sync for work for over a year now, and for the most part, it's great.  I have learned to maintain detailed backups, though, as it's a little spotty with AutoCAD files.  Most of the time, I can save files and they propagate to all the other computers around the world.  I open a drawing and work on it, and it syncs when I close it, no problem.  About twice a week, I will leave a job, come back a couple hours later, and usually just one file and its backup is gone.  It happens a lot more often when I open the file for about 1-2 minutes just to print it.  Both the file and it's corresponding .bak file are just gone.  It isn't gone just from my local copy, but from every copy across the share.

I think that AutoCAD saves its .dwg files by making an atmp???? file with no extension, and if successful, it moves the current .dwg save to .bak and moves the atmp file to be the new .dwg file.  It seems like that's what is happening.  When a file disappears, 90% of the time, I rename an atmp file from the current folder to the name of the file I'm missing, and it usually is the latest copy.  Once in a while, I have to go to the backups and restore an older copy.  I can lose an hour of work when I do.

If anyone has any ideas why this happens, or how to prevent it from happening, I would appreciate the advice.  I suspect that if I could change the sync time on .dwg and .bak files to be greater than 15 minutes, the disappearing files would never happen again, but I don't know how to do that.

I'm using a Synology NAS at work, and Sync version 2.5.12 (1191) on my AutoCAD computer.

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I'm not 100% sure how autocad works exactly, but yes, it copies an open file into a temp file and then deletes the temp copy. Better contact support with debug logs from all peers and exact file names for them to trace it all down and see what exactly happens there.

You can also restore files from .sync/Archive directory, unless you disabled archive option. 

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This is the answer I got from support:


Let me explain how it works. When file is opened by Autocad it moves real file into it's own folder to work with it. Sync considers moving files outside shared folder as deletion so it deletes files from another peers. But when you save file and close Autocad it placed files back. So you need to close Autocad on all peers and turn them on so they are able to see each other, because you probably don't know where files were opened.

So it seems that the solution is to keep doing things as I have always done them.  That's not much of a solution.  Does anyone have another idea? 

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