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I've been using Sync for a while to keep the music on my Android phone up to date with that on my Mac. After I changed my phone to an HTC 10 running the latest Android though the files I copied over via Sync no longer show up in Google Play Music. I've set the storage location to the external SD, where the files are, ran refresh and restarted my phone several times, all with no result.

Recently then I just tried copying some files from the Sync folder to some other folder I made myself, and the songs popped up in Google Play Music right away. 

My intuition is that this issue has something to do with permissions, or something that Sync is doing with the folder or files. Has anyone else encountered this or anything similar? And has anyone found a solution?

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Found that others having same issue. Before it was enough to restart phone to trigger media scan. Maybe it changed in Oreo.

 Resilio sync is not issuing media scan when syncing music, photos, etc. Resilio, please implement media scanner after adding files

For workaround move the files to ".nomedia folder" and back to music folder. Or clear Media Storage cache from application setting.

If there is a another way, please let us know!!!

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