After updating to 2.6.1 impossible to setup readonly folder on linked devices

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After updating to 2.6.1 (7881) on Sony XZ1 with Android 8.0, following the need to disconnect/reconnect all the shared folders to access them (as reported in other thread), I noticed that it is no longer possible to connect folders in readonly mode according to procedure reported in:

This used to work in previous release.

Thank you for providing feedback on this issue.


UPDATE: the issue does not occur using the read-only-key as reported in the procedure. I encountered it using instead the read-only QR code, which I assumed would have the same effect which is not the case. BTW why using the read-only QR code has not the same effect as using the read-only-key?
Thank you for your support

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On 8/31/2018 at 2:23 PM, Gane O'dwyer said:

But the source folders are Standard?

Yes, standard folder on Windows 10 PC. I declared "standard folder" specifically to have read-only access on Android linked device. I noticed that when I connect the folder on Android with the read-only QR code the read-only attribute is not propagated, but when I connect with the read-only key it is propagated which is an unexpected behaviour in my opinion.

Thank you for your support

Best regards

Dario Pascucci

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