Intermittent High CPU usage since recent update

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I don't know if it's a windows update or a Resilio Sync update,   but Resilio Sync will hover at around 25% CPU for tens of minutes, then idle back down, then a little bit later back to hovering at 25% CPU for tens of minutes.

Anybody else experience this know what's going on?    It's really killing my battery life on my laptop

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Same issue as OP here (screenshot: I have the application running on Windows and Linux systems, but it only seems like this is an issue on Windows (as far as I have noticed). It will hover around 25-30% for about 15 minutes each time (even if fully synchronized), it's not constant and I have not tracked how often it takes place, but I have noticed it does occur several times during the day .

Main Sync:

- 14,506 Files, 6,863 Folders - 1.82GB

- 240,427 Files, 35,142 Folders - 14.4 GB

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@MichelV We may assume that this is due to Sync's re-scan for any modifications and changes of files inside share(s). If any file is tracked as changed, Sync re-hashes it to detect what piece of file got changed and needs to be synced. By default, this re-scan takes  place every 10 minutes.

If you want us to take a closer look, submit new feedback from Sync via Preferences > Support > Contact support with checking the box "Include logs".

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