[QNAP] Sync page doesn't open in the web browser

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I use Resilio Sync in my QNAP NAS and been working fine for a while.

Recently I installed a SSL certificate from Let's Encrypt and while everything else went smoothly I was never able to open the Sync Software. It continued running and doing it's job but when I tried to open it the web browser (safari) claims it can't open that page as it is not a secure connection.

I since uninstalled and reinstalled the software on the NAS but no avail (and worse since now it simply doesn't work - probably is not configured..).

I have read that SSL is not the baseline for resilio and tried to connect with http:/xpto:14860 but no luck.

Can anyone give me a pointer for how can I solve this. I really like the software and been using it for a few years. If I can't solve it I will have to drop it.


Kind regards,


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@Nic@ What do you mean under 'worse since now it simply doesn't work - probably is not configured..'? Do you see that this process is running in the apps installed section? 

Please note that you just need to put SSL certificate near rslsync binary (that is located in the storage folder) and then edit a config file by enabling SSL. Please make sure that a user that runs Sync has read access to generated certificate. 

"force_https" -  this line should be also edited in the config file in the SSL configuration thread.

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Thank you for the reply.

The software page were we see the folders and such doesn't appear. It says it can't connect to the page.

I haven't done those steps, thats the issue. I will try and do them and give you feedback.

Thank you once again.

Kind regards.

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