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Resilio on Android (9), recent version (2.60) becomes idle too often and overall transfer is low. I have many instances of Resilio in local network which was always working fine but now Resilio interrupt syncing every few minutes and says is idle, even if many sources are available. I need to wakeup phone to start syncing otherwise is idle or sleeping. I switched off auto sleep and other energy saving options and have no idea what else I can do.  It use to work fine 2 or 3 mb/s but now is only about 150 kb/s and, because is interrupted, average transfer is even slower.

What can be wrong or how can I sort it out?



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Was anything changed between 'it worked' and 'it does not work', apart from Sync update to 2.6.0? 
that low speed may indicate that the files themselves juts cannot be synced, and the cause may be in the phone (it cannot write files) or source peers (they cannot read files). So to get your case investigated individually, send debug logs to support. Else, see the troubleshooting guides:


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Thanks for the response.

I come back after holiday and router was changed.

It says now 'No tracker Connection Available' but I'm talking about LAN connection.

Sometimes there is a connection sometimes not, between NAS and other computers or phones in LAN.

There is no connection to internet even with forwarded all ports from this link:

But firstly I want to sort out internal connection.

Any idea what can be wrong?

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Do you mean that your devices are not connected to the internet? Then disable trackers so that Sync doesn't attempt to connect to trackers and thus does not give the error. 

12 hours ago, badzi0r said:

Sometimes there is a connection sometimes not, between NAS and other computers or phones in LAN.

Is there anything scpecific about the setup when peers are connected to each other and when they are not? When usually they are disconnected? Any details about be nice. 

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Sorry, it's totally mess.

My primary question was: why Resilio  on mobile phone going to sleep even if there is sync in progress.

Now all peers see each other in the LAN after closing open ports on router but still can't see my NAS (most important part) from internet.

When all required ports were open NAS haven't seen other peers in LAN and WAN after closing ports on router, peers see each other in LAN and WAN excluding resilio on on NAS which says 'No tracker connection available'.

My another NAS (1200km away) says the same 'No tracker connection available' but Resilio on Raspberry Pi in the same network is visible inside and outside.

It was all working fine and that's why I'm confused.

Sorry for all this messy story but I think I need to struggle bit myself. :)

However if you have any suggestion, currently for 'No tracker connection available' I would be grateful for help.


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