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File deletions and Undesired actions. Warning!

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Hi folks,

I am a user of SYNC PRO, and I bought essentially because of the Placeholder function.

But, before I get it to work, I made a case study of the possible behaviours of the program, and found three critical consequences, and two worrisomes actions. The criticals (in RED) in my opinion condemns its use because the original file is lost, if the unsuspecting user make the refered actions in the local computer! The worrisomes actions in orange only erase a file copy, but is undesirable too.

This infos is summarized in the table. PH is the abbreviation of Placeholder.

I suggest if possible, that the developers team make the following changes:

- If a file placeholder is renamed in client, Rename the original file in host instead of erase the file and make a placeholder.

- If a file placeholder is moved in client, move the original file in host, instead of erase the original file and create a placeholder in the destiny place of file.

- If a file is renamed, rename the file in host instead of erase the host file copy and make a host file placeholder.

See the table for more informations.

Thank You!


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Thank you for your investigation and for sharing the results with others. let me add a few comments. Renaming and moving a file, as was mentioned on the forum, is actually deleting and recreating this file . Thus if a peer is in Selective Sync mode, it will put the old file to Archive, but it won't re-download the recreated file until instructed to. Thus, if you rename file on remote peer, the Selective Sync'ed peer will end up with a placeholder. 

What you have in red:
1) Original file deleted. It makes a erroneos 'replica' of the renamed placeholder file. The original file is LOST! - cannot reproduce this. If you rename a placeholder, other peers in Full Sync just rename the file and it remains in the folder. 

2) Original file deleted. It makes a erroneos 'PH replica file' of the renamed placeholder file. The original file is LOST! - it's not lost, it's in .sync/Archive. See the comment about deleting/recreating the file. 

3) The original file is DELETED! A useless placeholder is created in the destiny folder. - same as 2), it's not deleted, it's in Archive. 

Same applies for "Erase File and make a renamed PH" .
And here comes warning - if this peer is the only one who had file, it won't be able to re-download it from anyone.

That's how Selective Sync works. I'm not saying it's ideal behavior, we'll see to change it, but do not promise it'll be done in the near future. 

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