New Resilio Version syncing some but not all files

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I've been using Resilio for years on different machines with little to no problems, this latest update seems to have added a lot of instability.  I've tried re-establishing the SHARED FOLDERS from Scratch but I still get inconsistent behavior in some but now all shared folders.  When new files are placed in some but not all shared folders won't add those files but the hosting computer with the added file shows STATUS  of a green check mark.  The client Resilio Sync computer gives me this error.



Any ideas of fixes.  This same host computer is able to sync other folders successfully to the same client computers on the same day.  The internet is strong and consistent at both machines and the file sizes are single files of less than 5mbs.


Has me stumped.



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I have found that using 2.6.0 will give that problem on all rigs that have that version. I downgraded to my previous version 2.5.13 - which has got rid of the problem. Can't find a way of downloading a previous build from the resilio website so hence why my older version is very old!

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I have the same issues with 2.6.0 and wrote a mail to the support yesterday.

In my case resilio doesn't even show the affected files, the list loads infinitely.

Seems to be a bug.

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