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I need to change parameter for folder_rescan_interval to zero (to stop indexing).
I followed instructions, but without success.
When I change the number, popup window informs me to "Restart Sync ...",
so I go to Packages Centre to stop and run Resilio, but my parameter (zero) is set back to previous.
("Previous" I mean a number I changed a year back from default to 86400 (day) interval.)

Thank you for help

Edit: Now I see I had the same issue already the year back.
In that time Helen navigate me to use  btsync_edit_settings_w4.py script, that did a job, but it doesn't work now either.
I already changed parameter directly in settings.dat file with vi command, but it's more than year and half that this saving is not working.
Or is it only my private issue?

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