Data loss when using selective sync and using "Remove from this device"


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I just lost 30GB worth of files due to a terrible bug that has been brought up before but has not yet been fixed:

I created an archive share which i intended to only sync to a server and have placeholder files on my desktop computers. 

I moved files into the share and immediately right clicked "remove from this device", expecting it to sync and then delete. Instead Resilio deleted the files without syncing them to the server or moving them to the  local .sync/Archive folder. I can not restore the files using Recuva.

Please fix this! Grey out the "Remove from this device" option before the file is synced to at least one other device or delete the file only after it has been synced.

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I have had the same issue. There is no way of knowing which files have been already synced, so you have to be extra careful when using "remove from this device".

You can look if there is transfers going on, so you know not to remove files. But if you don't have any peers online, you don't have transfers going on, so you can't trust that one either.

There should be a warning when you're about to remove a file that is not known to be transferred fully to a peer, at least.

Or add an option where "remove from this device" first moves the files to the archive.


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