Setting up HTTPS Issues on Synology DS918

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Hi all,

I have had a DS918 for a little while now, and have had Resilio installed and working well, so that anything that I have on my work computer is copied to my NAS, and also to my home computer. Makes life a lot easier when I want to work from home.

Anyway, this morning I decided to set up my NAS with HTTPS using a Lets Encrypt certificate, so followed the guide by Synology here: 


This all went OK, and I am now able to see my NAS using HTTPS. However, when I want to open Resilio, from the DSM, it tries to connect, then I get the following error message from Chrome (Other browsers just dont connect):




This site can’t be reached

xxxxxxxxxx.synology.me took too long to respond.




I could never connect to Resilio from my work computer ( a Macbook), unless I brought it back to my home, but now I cannot connect with my home computer, so would like to try to find out how to rectify this.

Resilio itself is still transferring files between computers and NAS, so the issue is not there.

Does anyone know what I need to do to be able to access the Resilio page so I can add new linked folders? Any help would be well appreciated.

I will also post this on the Synology forum, and if I get a solution there, will post it here so it can be of use to others.

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