Avoid "Can't sync 'XXXX'" errors while compiling

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I have a shared folder which is a C++ project. It's shared between my Windows build computer and a VM Linux node (which is much faster than using NFS). When I compile my project, I get spammed by "Can't sync 'XXXX'" bubbles from the system tray. Is there are a setting for silently retrying syncing files for a few seconds rather than notifying on the first failure?

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Thanks. That'll do the trick I think. They should make those delay settings available from the GUI. Same for the IgnoreList.

The docs are a bit misleading. It says "By default, the delay time for all types of files is set to 10 seconds.". But it's really just talking about the file extensions that are there by default. I had to add *.exe, *.obj, *.lib, *.pdb, *.dll.

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