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I have a very strange behavior where my synced music is not visible on an Android device, tested with several media players.

Here is my setup:

Syncing the music folder from my NAS (QNAP) to all my devices, on my Android to the SD-card (SD://Music). I can see in a file browser that all files are copied correctly. When I open a media player, it just cannot find the files. I've testet with MonkeyMedia, Hi-Fi Cast and Google Play Music. Now when I copy a music file, just copy-paste in the same folder, it becomes visible, which I don't get, because both files look the same, and I compared them with a compare tool, exactly the same, except for the modified date.

I then tried to sync the music folder to the phone storage, and there it worked, that is, also visible in the media players. So it might have something to do with the SD-card, so I tried another one, but there the same result. To be fair, they are both from Samsung, one is 128GB, and the other 256GB.

Tested on my HTC U11, Android 8.0.0, Resilio Version 2.6.1 (7881).

Anyone any idea, or had the same issue?

Thanks, Silvan

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Alright, seems like I've found a solution, and it also seems that it's not about the synchronization process. I've cleared the cache and data of two system apps, External Storage and Media Storage:

  • Manage apps -> Show system -> External Storage
  • Manage apps -> Show system -> Media Storage

Then re-synced everything and it worked. But I still have to see how it behaves in the long run, or if I have to clear the cache all the time.

A bit weird that I could reproduce it on another phone, and leaves me a bit in the dark, what was actually wrong, but ok, works for now...

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