BitTorent Sync uninstalled for months but ShellExtIO.log continues to grow !

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Not being able to totally turn OFF logs also bugs me. There's also a HUGE sync.log besides ShellExtIO.log.

The user normally does not read these log files.

I managed to stop these log files from recreating:

On Windows 10 system, exit Resilio Sync, go to "AppData/Roaming/BitTorrent Sync" folder, delete ShellExtIO.log and sync.log, create 2 folders with the exact same names (ShellExtIO.log and sync.log), right click on them and go to Properties/Security, enable all "Deny" permissions for all user/group.

On Linux system, go to the main .sync folder: rm sync.log; ln -sf /dev/null sync.log

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Hello eltopo and thank you for your answer.


But I don't need to know how to avoid the constant writing of the Bittorrent Sync log file, I need to know how to prevent completely and once and for all any interaction of Bittorrent Synch with my system.

I uninstalled this program, it is not normal that it continues to write on my PC. We're closer to malware than anything else.


How to permanently get rid of programs, DLL loads at startup or whatever else that were not removed during uninstallation?

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