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I have files on a Windows 10 PC which I sync to a variety of devices; Windows 10 PC on same network, Windows 10 PC  over the internet and 3 Android devices. The WIndows 10 PC all sync correctly. I have 2 problems with the Android devices. All are running version 2.61. Preferences for each folder on all Android  devices is set for Use archive and Overwrite changed files.

1.First problem. On the Android device some synced folders are showing they they are downloading and stay that way; the devices never fully sync. I cannot easily see which files are problem without going through every and each folder to see which files are not fully synced. The Sync program on the  Windows 10 PC says all files are synced with the Android devices.

How can I easily see which files are not syncing on the Android devices?


2. Second problem. I have found some files which are not fully updating. The app on the Android shows they are downloading but nothing happens. It seems the files that I can find have been edited by its associated program; example text editor, Libre Writer etc. If I delete the old copy on the Android device, the new version is instantly synced.

How do I make Sync update edited files?


Any assistance appreciated.

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Support found a problem with version 2.6.1 and found that Sync can't move old version of the file to Archive, when the folder is located on the SD card. When the file is updated on one of the peers, other peers move local copy of file to Archive which is located in .sync sub-folder of the folder you sync.


Version 2.6.2 , which was given to me pre release fixed the problem. Hopefully power consumption on the Android also goes down to earlier usage


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