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Sync not running after Synology update to 6.2.1-23824-1

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Dear all,

after updating my Synology DS411+II to 6.2.1-23824-1 (one month after release (release notes)), Sync is not working anymore. I uninstalled it, rebooted it and re-installed the latest version (2.6.1) manually through the package center 2.6.1 but without success.

According to the Synology site I need the x86 architecture, so that's the package I downloaded and it was the right choice in the past so that shouldn't be the problem.

I have an active Admin account as stated on the Resilio Sync installation instructions.

When I click Run, the NAS seems to make an attempt to run Resilio Sync but it then fails.

Attached 2 screenshots, also note that the logo is wrong which happens with all packages when you click on them in the package center (2nd screenshot).

Re-installing Sync version 2.5.7, the version that was working before the Synology update, the NAS indicates it is running but opening it (webUI) is not possible (3rd and 4rd screenshot). Also not throught the start button.

Disabling the firewall has no effect.

Port-forwarding in the router is set to 28888, as expected by Sync. On click a new browser tab opens to the nas address:28888 but  site is unreachable. Using the local address in numbers instead of the site name also has no effect.

So, who can help? Resilio Sync is thé main use for my NAS, used  continuously for work-related data. So it is really imported for me that it is fixed asap. And yes, I do have a paid lifetime pro license.

I am comfortable with IT but consider me a Linux noob. I have no problem to login with Terminal through Putty but I do need step-by-step instructions on what to do.









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@Baloo Veterinary Services Synology recently released their “DSM 6.2 Update 2” firmware. One change of the firmware is that 32-bit applications will no longer run correctly (we’re unclear if this was intended or not; we’re contacting Synology to gather more information). This means that anyone who previously either downloaded the 32-bit version of Plex Media Server or installed from Synology Package Center would see PMS fail to start.


So feel free to install this package:

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