"bind_interface" setting not working on Windows OS


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i'm testing Resilio on a Windows 2016 Server with multiple ethernet adapters. I'm using local network connections only.

I have LAN1 and LAN2 on differents subnets but only LAN1 is listening on multicast subnet and not LAN2. I want to set up "bind_interface" but I have tested all settings I can on advanced preferences but nothing is working. I have tested MAC addresses like "00:01:02:ab:cd:ef" or "00:01:02:AB:CD:EF" or "00-01-02-AB-CD-EF" or "LAN2" but no one is ok. Only LAN1 is showing multicast. 

On a debian VM, same config with eth0 and eth1, the "bind_interface=eth0" is working successfully.

Do you have a trick for Windows ?

Best regards.


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