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Vlad Zh

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Is it possible to use my Resilio instance only as a relay, not storing any data?

I am behind Great Firewall of China, relay servers of Resilio are not available unless via proxy or VPN (which is not an option due to number of reasons).

I have:
1. VPS
in a remote country which is reachable without proxy/VPN, has a lot of traffic (1TB per month) and very limited storage space (just 20 Gb).
2. NAS
at home with Resilio installed, where I sync my photo and files to, online 24/7
3. Laptops, smartphones
outside of home network, that needs to sync files to NAS

In other words, I would love to set VPS address into my other clients as "predefined host", and just push data between, say, a laptop and NAS, via my own VPS. Is it possible to do? Or do Resilio developers consider this scenario?

This would significantly help to overcome the harsh network environment in countries like China Mainland. Cheers.

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