Opt-in to Archive Folders Upon Library Creation, NOT the default

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First let me say that I really like Resilio Sync in general and am happy to be a paying customer. It's a very solid product that generally just works.

However, a few months ago I decided to re-create all six of my libraries across my three devices. I forgot about the massive "gotcha" with this product I wanted to express again how incredibly problematic the default settings are: keeping deleted files in a hidden folder without user opt-in is a terrible default. I just finished deleting 400+ GB of data across my three devices and it's incredibly frustrating that I have to remember to have to go into each library, turn off the "Store deleted files in folder archive" - then repeat that 24 times (6 libraries x 3 devices), then do the clean-up of going into every library, turning on hidden file viewing, and deleting things in the /Archive folder. I work with a lot of big photo and video files, so the default of purging every 30 days isn't good enough (I'm not convinced it actually works properly based on what I was seeing in fact). I know I can change that in the advanced settings, but why should a customer have to?

I'm convinced this default setting is using up a lot of storage on customer devices and they don't realize it. Please re-think how this is implemented. It is a huge negative to an otherwise superb product.

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