Just getting started. Is this possible?

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I was successful in synching between my two phones using my data connection but I can't use that as it's limited for the phone using the other one as a hotspot. When I turned he data connection setting off it stopped working. 


So is it possible without the data connection using just wifi between the two phones? Thanks

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18 minutes ago, Frank Maier said:

If they are in the same wifi, yes. There's even a setting to limit sync to wifi only, so it doesn't consume any mobile data.

Thanks. Do you know the steps to set this up or of a link to simple steps. Every link I've been given is to a very complicated page that doesn't even appear to apply to my situation. 

The "wifi" I'm connecting to is from one of the phones. I suppose either one and as far as I know you can connect via hotspot or "wifi direct" 

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