Don't delete RO files when owner deletes?

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Hi all,

A bit of an edge-case perhaps.  I would essentially like for all files to sync from RW to RO, but when an RW deletes, I don't want them deleted on the RO.  I assume this isn't possible, but wanted to check in just in case.  My use case is that I have torrent downloads synced from my home server (RW/owner) to my laptop (RO)... when I delete the torrent+data on RW, I still want them to remain on my RO laptop if I haven't moved them from the sync folder yet...


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Backup function only exists on mobile apps AFAIK. But you could go to the Archive-folder on the RO-folder when it's deleted from a RW-node. The trash retention-period can be adjusted from its default of 30 days in Power Settings

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