Will not sync files larger than 2GB between computer and Synology DS218j

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I have been using Sync Pro between my computer and phone with no issues.

I just got a DS218j to store everything and want to continue using Sync mainly for the Selective Sync option.

I installed Sync using the Armada38x package following these instructions: https://help.resilio.com/hc/en-us/articles/206664850-Synology 

I am able to sync photos and other files just fine. But when a video is over 2Gb, syncing stops. The percentage left doesn't change and the upload and download speed go to 0.  

I know photo station uploader has a 2Gb limit but I thought Resilio Sync wouldn't. 

Is there a setting or something to configure I need to do? Is it setting on DSM, my router or Sync?


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Only saw this here, but my problem seems similar, however with the "non-nas version".

Mine seems to not be happy downloading files over 2GB.

However, this only seems to happen with me in the server that I have the linux i386 version installed.

BTsync in my NAS - Readynas 2312 - seems to be working ok, for now...

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Hello I think I have the same problem. 

Between 3 NAS: DS411+II (x86) , DS1515 (Alpine)  et DS211+ (88f628x)  . using the last version 2.6.2

I synchronised movies and a lot of files waren't synchronised. There were data transmission between clients, creation of the temp file "xxx.!sync" in the .sync folder. But After i have in the history tab of the sending client "failed to download FILENAME readfromdisk " nothing in the receiver client and nothing else happened. 

It was when it was the DS1515 the sending client. No test with the others.

I don't had the idea to check a 2 Gb size limitation, but I remember that some files under 2Gb synchronised well. 


I will check that, when I will have time, perhaps this evenig (Resilio is off today, I use one direction synchronisation with Synology internal tool in backup solution. )


Perhaps the bug has a link with this power settings? I don't try to change it.

torrent_max_piece_size int 2097152 in bytes. Decrease piece size to reduce delta diff when syncing. Downside might be reduced speed and higher CPU usage
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