Media folders added by Resilio not being reported to Android MediaStore

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As per the subject, media folders that are being synced to my mobile device with Resilio are not being added to the phone's gallery, which I understand is because the MediaStore is not being updated by Resilio. This is a recent development. It was working up until at least 6th November. The Resilio app was last updated on 8th August but Google Photos was updated on 10th December and possibly another couple of times prior. I'm unsure when this started happening as I haven't been adding a lot of media to my phone this way recently. I only noticed because the Photosync app ( didn't show two files I added today - normally they would appear in the Photosync app gallery as NEW but they're not there at all and neither is the folder under SETTINGS - DISPLAY - DEVICE ALBUMS. However, they can be seen in the Resilio app.

I've submitted a support ticket but just thought I'd see if anyone else has had this experience.

Moto G5 - Android 7.0

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