Sync for Android stopped syncing after modem/router change

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Sear Sirs,

I submitted the following problem report through the Android app also attaching logfiles. I don't know how to refer to it since the Android app did not return me a problem id. Could you please help me?

Recently the phone company changed my modem/router (from Fritz!Box 3272 to Zyxel VMG 8825) due to line upgrade (from ADSL to optical fiber FTTC). Note that the FTTC is not active yet so the new modem is still working as ADSL. What happened is that since I installed the new modem, the Resilio Sync for Android has stopped working in most use cases which previously worked:

  • Android connected to cellular network and exchanging files with windows computer connected to Zyxel VMG 8825
  • Android connected to an internal wifi router of my home network. The internal wifi router is connected to the Zyxel VMG 8825 as well as the windows computer.

 Note that in particular the second use case works without any problem if I replace the Android with another windows computer.

 I send you the logfiles related to this problem and I hope that you can support me to troubleshoot. Can you please help me?


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